A mother/daugher photography and writing team
Hi, my name is Naomi and I have a passion to report the news.
My daughter, Rebecca, serves as my assistant.
Prof. Cricket, my little dog, and I love to explore and we are very curious.

She is a Jack Russell terrier, otherwise know as a Jack Russell terrorist

Together, the three of us are know as:
"The Determined Yaeger-Bischoff Women."
Currently Naomi edits Duluth's "Hillsider"
Our work has been published in the "Weekly
Reader" of Duluth and "The First Family," a
newsletter  of The United Methodist Church  
email us at info AT sundogpress DOT com
Sun Dog Press has been published in "Classifieds Plus" a news-shopper of
the Upper Red River Valley or the North
Event Photography, news and feature writing

We love to cover non-profit groups working for justice.
We are passionate about educating people to tread on the earth lightly.
Currently we have a electronic newsletter named, "Ask Prof. Cricket."
Sun Dog Press

"Determined as a terrier"
photo of naomi and dog